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So what are people of faith to do in such a time?

Marvin Cameron • Mar 25, 2020 at 9:30 AM

Editor’s Note: With so many churches in our area having to suspend worship services during the coronavirus pandemic, we are asking local pastors to partner with us in bringing a daily message of hope and comfort to readers during this difficult time.

The New Testament uses two words to define “time.” The first is “chronos,” which we have transliterated into a “chronograph” or a watch. It is a simple measurement of time. The second word is “kairos,” which denotes a specific time, perhaps pointing to a time when “things come to a head” or a moment when God is allowing us to participate in history.

This virus seems to me to be a “kairos” kind of moment.

So what are people of faith to do in such a time? The first thing is to remember that this too shall pass. We don’t know when and we don’t know how. But we will be normal again someday. God will still be worshiped and life will go on but not without pain.

The second thing is to embrace this moment of “kairos” and to do something for all God’s children in our community, not just our group. I have seen the faith community in Kingsport pull together to make a difference in the past. This is another opportunity to do just that.

A Jewish queen was once asked to participate in her “kairos” moment. Esther heard the words, “Who knows if you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this?” To act and identify as God’s servant could mean her life, but she chose to risk everything to do God’s will. Here we are in “such a time as this…” God help us to use it wisely as we seek to help each other get through this “kairos” moment.

Marvin Cameron is pastor of First Baptist Church in Kingsport.

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