'Miracle twins' will celebrate 25th birthday with drive-thru party

Jeff Bobo • Mar 25, 2020 at 5:30 PM

MOUNT CARMEL — With such an emphasis on social distancing and drive-by services during the COVID-19 crisis, we were only one creative mom away from what may become the next craze in the post-virus era — drive-by birthday parties.

That creative mom is Beth Brown of Mount Carmel, who is determined to make the 25th birthday of her “miracle twins,” Tarah and Tyler, something to remember.

For their last major milestone, the 21st birthday, Beth hired a D.J. and rented a building for dancing. 

The plan for their 25th birthday was to rent a bowling alley and fill it up with friends and family on the big day, which is next Friday, April 3.

However, after the COVID-19 crisis hit, those plans went out the window.

“Normally they have some type of big birthday party, and this year we had it scheduled at the Warpath Bowling Alley,” Brown told the Times News Monday. “I was going to have to cancel anyway, but Warpath called and canceled it. I had put it on their birthday party invitation on Facebook that I was going to have to cancel it, if anybody wanted to mail cards.”

So the 25th birthday party was off until Beth’s friend Christina Bellamy offered an interesting suggestion.

“I knew I wanted to do something special”

“I had seen where people had drop-by baby showers and that kind of thing just to accommodate peoples’ schedules,” Beth said “Christina messaged me and said, could you not do that for Tarah and Tyler’s party, and have it outside. So I started trying to figure it out, and we talked about having a table with treats that we could hand out to people when they come by. Something where they can drop off a card and say hello without having to actually come into contact with anyone.”

Beth added, “These kids will be 25, and I would have just had something at home, but I thought, 25 is a big year for them. They’re miracles in themselves anyways, and people love to celebrate with them. I knew I wanted to do something special, and then this (COVID-19 crisis) came about.”

To make it more convenient for friends and family to drive-thru, the party will be held a day after their actual birthday, on Saturday, April 4 from 2-4 p.m. at their home, 1403 Hammond Ave.

They’ll have a big tent up in the front yard, so the party is on, rain or shine.The treats will be store-bought, and they’ll take precautions handing them out so that no one has to worry about spreading germs. 

“We're going to say drive-thru, or drive-up,” she said. “If people want to drive in the yard they can, but we’re not going to touch anybody.”

Beth said she still wants to make this party extra special, and she still has a little over a week to think of something, so there might be a surprise awaiting everyone who shows up next Saturday.

The “Miracle Twins” at 25

Tarah and Tyler were born April 3, 1995 at the 25th week, almost three months premature.

“They were at Holston Valley and defied all the odds,” Beth said. “They were born 2 pounds each, they were on every machine possible, and they had like 22 surgeries between them. They got to stay extra through high school, and finished high school, and they’ve got so many people who love them, to help me with them.”

Beth added, “Both of them have cerebral palsy and seizure disorder, and they’re delayed, both mentally and physically. Tarah doesn’t have any vision in her right eye. They still see a lot of doctors, but oh my Lord they have a sense of humor. They try to make you laugh. They’re just wonderful.”

Trying to think of a gift idea for Tarah or Tyler?

“Tarah loves coffee. Starbucks is her favorite place in this world. People get her gift cards, and she will literally have months’ worth of gift cards. She gets over $100 in gift cards from Starbucks and uses up every one of them. That’s all the girl talks about is coffee.”

“Tyler is all about Dunkin’ Donuts. He loves cake and donuts. Not the coffee, though. He drinks Coke. So if somebody brings him a Dunkin’ Donuts gift card, he would be tickled.”

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